Open data then and now – and er next?

We at Rewired State have been asked to supply evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee. Adam McGreggor is going to go and represent us – as he is very clever at speaking – and answer questions on “IT’s role in government” on the 15th March. Today we have been speaking to the clerk and discussing one particular point: Why has there been no progress in people using public data since 2002?

So I thought in the spirit of my daily blogging we could chat about that here a bit. Firstly, in spite of calling all of our mates and getting hold of none of them, trying the Office of National Statistics and getting nowhere, tweeting and googling – we cannot for the life of us find anything relevant at all from 2002.

The genius we did find came, as ever, from twitter (thanks @harryharrold), when Tim Davies shared this with us from his dissertation:

It is utterly, utterly brilliant – but we are still bewildered about the 2002 thing. We are poring over this this afternoon, it would be ace to have some of your thoughts and ‘interesting points’ on it – and also how you think this line might extend.

I guess the more pertinent question is what happens next? How might this be shaped? It would be seriously interesting to run a Shell future scenarios piece of work on this; now that would be fun. Shall we?