Steph Gray reaches for the big guns

During my ridiculous January, nearly over now hurrah, I missed some important stuff – too much for me to list here, and possibly not overly interesting for you all, but THIS, this has to be shared.

Steph Gray, the community manager at DIUS, has decided to start fighting corporate decisions to close down access to social media by creating this social media test suite. Here is his blurb:

So let’s try and build a picture of access to social media tools from the workplace. Please run my social media test suite survey from your workplace machine and let’s see who the blockers are. I’m happy to publish here, or in the survey results you can see when you complete the survey, any appropriate explanations or justifications from IT providers. I know there can be good reasons for limiting access, and we should separate those from the bad ones.

This is a great thing to do, and especially apt for departments where in recent weeks all access to social media has been inexplicably turned off without rhyme or reason.

People will understand if there is a problem that is being solved by switching off access to certain sites, but this blanket bigotry is ill-informed and often not based on solving a proven problem.