Social websites harm children’s brains ??

Hey Its me again Emma’s daughter, Jessie, and mum told me to write about this rubbish, and i read the article and i laughed (no really, I did) I mean sure she’s not the only one who thinks this, but people who do think stuff like that are kinda demented (heehee like me)  and i AM on facebook and msn and myspace but i am not on it every minute of every day in fact i haven’t been on myspace so long i have forgotten my password ! and i DO have friends and i do communicate with them without a computer she is going waaay over the top she makes it sound as if whenever we log on our brains suddenly shut down and we are addicted I mean i do talk to my friends on msn yeh but thats not the only way i talk to people right ?? actually i remember i read the newspaper a while ag… (YEH I READ THE NEWSPAPER) yeh a while ago and it said if facebook were a country then its population would be the sixth largest in the world !!!! moving on recently i have taken my common entrance exams and i got into the one (school: inserted by Ed/Mum) i wanted ! so my brain hasnt been taken over and thats really all i have to say, whatever if you don’t agree this is just my opinion, so my main point is this woman is using major hyperbole (yeh a HARD word heehee) anyway bye !!!! xoxo P.S (she) is the woman who wrote the article