Preparing to mourn Whitehall Webby

With a shuddering breath I can see the end of January on the horizon, and for me this means one thing: goodbye Whitehall Webby.

Jeremy Gould, for those of you who may not know, was the first blogging civil servant with any traction and he has pioneered much of the change in the public sector’s attitude towards social media and communication. He ran the first UKGovBarCamp last year, and is going out on a last hurrah with this year’s one.

He is leaving his job as a civil servant at the end of the week and moving to Ireland to spend more time with his family, here’s what he says:

First I’m going to take a good chunk of time off to get to know the area we will be living in better, and to of course spend some quality time with my family. I could do with a break and frankly I don’t think its a bad thing that I get away from the scene of my crimes for a while.

I knew that this was on the cards for a while now, but the end of January came a bit too quickly for me!

I have known him for many years, as a friend and colleague – and he has been a source of support, inspiration, and perhaps occasionally a little irritation: but this is only healthy!

Perhaps it is only now that I realise he is really going, do I see how much I am going to miss him, his blog and his never defeated efforts to bring together the digital community in the public sector – as well as drawing in those from the private sector who deserved to be recognised as brilliant.

I don’t want this to read as an obituary, so I won’t bang on. But Salut, Jeremy, thanks for everything you have done and I hope that you will still continue to fight the good fight with us from Ireland.