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  1. You put into words very elegantly something that has been bugging me, too, about the Director of Digital Engagement post: that the stated salary appears to rule out all the people who have been the prime movers within government over the past 1-2 years that have got social media and engagement on the map.

    In other words, it seems to be in direct contradiction to “Engagement in the digital space is a young ‘profession’ and the job requires someone who would be acknowledged by their peer group to be a leader in this field.” I can’t help but think that the salary will put off a lot of the people that I would look up to as a leader and place it in the hands of someone from the Google/BBC/Microsoft-type sphere. Senior execs from such companies are the ones who will find that sort of salary appealing and apply, and the Civil Service’s scrupulously fair recruitment process will mean that they are the ones that will come out of it top because they will be impressive candidates on paper.

    But not, I think, right for this post. Not someone who is already part of this field and a leader of the peer group – but an outsider coming in to show us how it can all be done. It could even demotivate and alienate the impressive grass roots workers and set back the objective.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and the selection panel will compensate for this and find the right person; but not if the people who should be applying are feeling it impossible to do so at this sort of pay grade.

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