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tweet great, email not so great

twitter: @hubmum

email: emma at rewiredstate dot org

LinkedIn: Mulquem

Skype: emma mulqueeny OR mulquem will ping me up on skype

mobile: (+44) 773 057 0647 (I have no voicemail, sorry)

post: forget it

fax: nope

pigeon: tricky as live near bird conservancy – could be confusing

TV, radio and speaking

I am happy doing:

  • conference keynote or panels
  • radio, live or recorded (have done quite a few stints now on Radio 4)
  • podcasts
  • speaking on panels
  • TV

Bio for you to copy and paste if I am speaking at your event :)

Emma is the founder of Rewired State and Young Rewired State, is a Commissioner for the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy and a Google Fellow.

She has recently been included in the 166th annual edition of Who’s Who, voted onto the Wired 100 list, Tech City 100, BIMA Hot 100, has been voted one of the top ten women in technology by The Guardian, into the top ten Tech Heroes for Good by NESTA and named as one of the 25 most influential women in IT by Computer Weekly.

Emma writes regularly for the British Press and on her own blog, speaks on radio and on television, is best known for her campaign: ‘Year 8 is too Late’ (encouraging girls into technology subjects) and relentlessly pushing the potential of open data.

8 responses

  1. Hi Emma,

    I noticed that we share a contact – David Briggs. I worked with David on a long running project a few years ago an I agree entirely with your assessment of him. Great man.

    I think we share some common views, judging by your blog. I’ve linked you to my personal information stuff, there are links there to most things.

    It would be good to talk sometime, drop me a note.



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  3. I love what you are doing . I wish you would come to Alabama and share it with us …thank you for caring enough to make a difference and for sharing you and your ideas with the world…you are making it a better place know..keep it up…Eddy Reese Alabama Ambassador

  4. Emma,

    I would to start out by saying thanks! I am in total agreement with your views, and I have struggled to find out how to get training for my son to program video games. He loves them so much, I wanted to find a program that would teach him how to do it. He is only 13, but he was using very basic programs and doing well at 9. I would love to assist with your work, and maybe help any US based cohorts as well. Please send me any information you can.

  5. Emma – how come you are saying all those things that I only think !?!!
    We’ve got to start teaching programming at a younger age (not ICT … the ICT taught at school is an absolute joke). I’d like to find a GCSE coding course for my kids … object oriented programming … does this exist ?

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